I think I had something cleverer here initially, but let's be real: this is Tumblr. It's full of cute animal pictures and shouty gifsets and fandom flailing. Sometimes I write fic and sometimes I cosplay but mostly the flailing. Who can say? I'M UNPREDICTABLE.

Watching San Diego slowly rev up into SDCC mode is pretty cool. Usually we’re in such a hurry from the moment we land. Easing into it is nice. This morning we even have time for a sit-down breakfast!

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I really, really want Aldis Hodge for Black Panther




His features just scream regal, he can portray fantastic emotional range and I would love to see Black Panther as cool, regal, but just faintly dorky (like when he was Hardison in Leverage) now and then? This guy here could pull that off perfectly. Also, stunning hotness. 

I would be super pro this.

I would be in favour of Aldis Hodge playing anybody he fucking wants in the MCU because it would all be amazing.

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Permanecer Sentados Por Favor, It’s time for COMIC CON!

Once again I will be at the geek harvest festival in San Diego and I invite you all to come by and see me and Amy Mebberson at table F-07. Again, this year we are NOT in artists alley. Our home is on the opposite corner of the main hall. The map above will lead you to the treasure. Just look for our fancy new banner, now with 73% less pizza stains!

And oh, what treasure will we have. I will have a brand new sketchbook called “Apples & Oranges” featuring another collection of my mash-ups. I will also have a few remaining copies of the first collection if you’d like to pick up the set. The new volume has a strictly limited run of 200 so grab yours now! Only $15 each

We will also have a very small supply of our Acme Archives “Stroke of Midnight” prints. Amy’s Pocket Princesses-style Frozen piece and my Lilo and Stitch print will be available for $40 each. We will also have a few of last year’s Disney table prints.

As usual, we will be taking your commissioned art requests. We will start a new list daily but get here early as our lists fill up before noon. We will also have ample supplies of original art created specifically for the show. Come and peruse our bins (that was not meant to sound dirty)

On friday at 11:30 in room 24ABC I will be on the “Beyond the Page” panel featuring many Random House authors. I will be discussing my new book Draw-A-Saurus. I will also have copy of the book at my table for you to preview. 

Of course what is Comic Con without the free swag? Come by my table as well as the Penguin Groups’ booth at 1028 for your free Draw-A-Saurus hat! Now you can walk around the con sporting a fancy t-rex chapeau guaranteed to scare all the kiddies!

…Which of course is helpful to promote a book aimed at kids.

So come on by just to say “hi”. We will always sign anything you have for free! See you all in San Diego. You have been warned.

Iiiiii might need that Lilo & Stitch print

damn it I had my list of Things to Buy and I forgot about ART